Re-Elect Lenny Siegel to Council 2018
FPPC# 1408804
PO Box 390203
Mountain View, CA 94039

Mountain View is a leader

Mountain View is known globally as a center of technological innovation. Our businesses are driving the world economy.

Silicon Valley's economic success is built upon the talent of our workforce, which in turn is here because of our quality of life, our educational institutions, and our employment opportunities.

But that very success has created a crisis in housing supply and affordability that is threatening our quality of life and indeed, the future of our tech economy. Employers, from our restaurants to our schools to our tech companies, are having difficulty recruiting and retaining workers.

The solution:

We are building mixed-use, medium-density neighborhoods, complete with retail, schools, parks, transit, and jobs. We believe that infill redevelopment, not sprawl, is the safest, most environmentally sensitive, fiscally most responsible way to meet our housing needs. We need to elect a City Council that is willing to stay the course.

Mayor Lenny Siegel is a leader

Lenny Siegel has not only led our city efforts to build housing, design advanced transit, and ensure that business pays its fare share, but he has actively shared Mountain View's approach with communities up and down the Peninsula.

But all politics are not local. The Trump administration's actions on issues such as Immigration, Civil Rights, Environmental Protection, Funding for Housing and Social Services, Tax Deductions, Tariffs on Building Materials, Net Neutrality, etc. are threatening our community and our economy. That's why Lenny has also led efforts in our community to challenge Trump.


Regional elected officials, former Mountain View mayors,
and organizations endorsing Lenny Siegel

BAYMEC (Moving LGBTQ Equality Forward)
Congresswoman Anna Eshoo
Congressman Ro Khanna
Supervisor Joe Simitian
Former Assemblywoman (and former Mayor) Sally Lieber
Mountain View Council Member (and former Mayor) Ken Rosenberg
El Camino Hospital Board Member Julia Miller
Former Mayor Mike Kasperzak
Former Mayor Matt Allen
Service Employees International Union Local #521
South Bay AFL-CIO Committee on Political Education
South Bay Progressive Alliance
South Bay YIMBY

Individuals endorsing Lenny Siegel

Paul Anawalt
Sue Antonoplos
Pamela Baird
Bob Bartlett
Sandy Bartlett
Farukh Basrai
Rashida Basrai
Serge Bonte
Ed Brennan
Joan Brodovsky
Neilson Buchanan
Kacey Carpenter
June Casey
Barry Burr
Cliff Chambers
Steve Chandler
Wren Clark
Betsy Collard
Diana Collins
Eileen Denue
Bruce England
Ronnie Falcao
Mike Fischetti
Karen Fox
Meghan Fraley
Judith Gable
Robert Glick
Andreas Goebel
Martin Gorfinkel
Carrielynn Haedtler
David Haedtler
Bee Hanson
Janet Hayter
Roy Hayter
Liz Holdship
Greg Kannall
Linda Kannall
John Keen
Leslie King
Robert King
Robert Kirby
Amy Laden
Helen Landsman
Pat Lang
Angela Lee
Barbara Leeds
Vince Leone
Paul Lesti
Steve Longcor
Job Lopez
Joan MacDonald
Maria Marroquin
Alice Martineau
Roberto Miller
Alex Nuñez
Gail Nyhan
Dave Offen
Peg Powell
Betsy Reid
Jan Rivers
Karen Rivers
Kara Sanchez
Miguel Sanchez
Dorothy Schafer
Ron Schafer
Doug Schuck
Jim Schwartz
Craig Seymour
Ofelia Seymour
Misha Siegel-Rivers
IdaRose Sylvester
Diane Turner
Greg Unangst
Marilyn Winkleby